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Dra. Amelia Iris Del Sueldo Padilla

  • Medical Clinic, graduated from the UNT
    (National University of  Tucumán)

  • Sexual Educator

  • Clinical Sexologist

  • Couple Therapist

President of the Scientific Society of Sexology and Sexual Education of Colegio Médico de Tucumán

Specialist in Workshops and in Gender

Head of the Adolescent and Sexuality Service of the Santa Rita Hospital – Lastenia – Tucumán – SIPROSA (Provincial Health System)

Sexologist of the Programmatic Area East of SIPROSA

Efectora of the National Program of Sexual and Reproductive Health (SIPROSA)

Director of the Radio Adolescentes Project – Tucumán, sponsored by IPAS

Organizer and Teacher of the Integral Sexual Education Course for doctors and teachers, of the Scientific Society of Sexology and Sexual Education of the Medical College of Tucumán, sponsored by the Ministry of Education

Works on Gender presented at the Congresses of Canada, San Salvador of Brazil (Brazil), Santiago de Chile (Chile) and Morelia (Mexico)

Works on Desire and Desire in the Third Age, presented in Valencia (Spain), Montevideo (Uruguay), Paris (France)

Works on Sexual Education, presented in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Jujuy (Argentina), Córdoba (Argentina)

Author of multiple articles and contributions to the newspapers: La Gaceta, El Tribuno, El Periódico

Columnist of LV12, LV7, Radio Nacional and Canal 10 – Tucumán (Argentina)


Dra. Amelia Iris del Sueldo Padilla


Dra. Amelia I. del Sueldo Padilla
Medical Clinical Sexologist
Sexual Educator 
Couple therapist 
Gender and workshops specialist

Dra. Olga Marega
Medical Specialist Consultant
in Obstetrics – Gynecology.
Clinical sexologist 
Master in human sexuality.

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