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I am a medical doctor with specialisation in gynecology and sexology. I hold as well a Master in Human Sexuality certified by UNED in Spain, and carry out sex therapy which combines medical and psychological approaches. I offer online consultation for clients who because of time or location don’t have the possibility to consult in person qualified professionals in the area of sexuality. My treatment includes male or female sexual dysfunctions and sexual and marital problems.

Topics that can be successfully treated using online therapy:
Male and female sexual dysfunction.
Intimacy and sex therapy for couples.
Tantra for couples.
Prevention and detection of child sexual abuse, which includes both individual and institutional consultations.
Sexuality education.
Sexual enrichment training. This offers a way to acquire tools to improve or maintain health-erotic sexual relationships.
Initial Assessment (free of charge)
The first meeting is a mutual assessment of whether to work together to resolve the problem. In order to have a successful treatment, we need to obtain a commitment to work together. This initial meeting of approximately half an hour is free of charge.

Technical arrangements
Time and day of the consultation will be agreed via email. The consultation itself will take place via Skype or Messanger. We have a been using these media successfully in treatment for many years.

Duration of consultation
If we agree to work together in a sex therapy , we will fix an appointment. An appointment will last 1 hour, if necessary longer consultations are possible.

Weekly or biweekly, as muturally agreed by therapist and client.

This price is for individual or couple session.

Once the payment is made, contact Dr. Marega
to arrange the meeting “on line”.

Mail: Dra. Marega:

U$S 50,-

Dra. Olga Marega


Dra. Amelia I. del Sueldo Padilla
Medical Clinical Sexologist
Sexual Educator 
Couple therapist 
Gender and workshops specialist

Dra. Olga Marega
Medical Specialist Consultant
in Obstetrics – Gynecology.
Clinical sexologist 
Master in human sexuality.

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